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impact MVP has positively impacted thousands of peoples lives globally.

Brian McConnell - Vice President NFL Northern Chapter

Brian McConnell - Vice President NFL Northern Chapter

I have to say, impact MVP is the greatest health product I have ever taken! I had a Liver Transplant and was not doing well at all. My friend introduced me to impact MVP.

Marty Burns

What I love most about impact MVP is the energy without the jitters. It has replaced my coffee. I find that my endorphin and endurance levels are through the roof. I can see why athletes love this product and why the NFL Alumni endorses it. Marty Burns, Sports marketing agent

Matt Lindland

OLYMPIC MEDAL WINNER AND US WRESTLING AND MMA COACH “Since taking impact MVP, I feel less stressed, more energized and ready to take on the daily challenges of leading the US Greco-Roman National team." Matt Lindland

Daniel El Chapulin Valdivia

"I want to take this time to thank the makers of impact MVP. Everyone, check out this all natural supplement and add it to your water. impact MVP keeps me feeling energized, strong, conditioned, and better than ever!" Daniel El Chapulin Valdivia

Loussi Dishoian

"I've been feeling great since I've been using Impact for the last 6 months. I have energy and have not gotten sick at all. It has also helped me with my migraines. Thank you Impact!" Loussi Dishoian, CA

Christy Beem

I feel so good after I take it. I notice great energy and mental clarity high hydration Christy Beem

Nate Jackson

First of all, I feel great, my energy level is high and my hair started growing faster and thicker. I love impact MVP! Nate Jackson

Stephen, California

"I use impact MVP before all of "As an avid fitness enthusiast, I’ve tried many, many supplements … but to no avail … until … I tried impact MVP. As an asthmatic, I have used less of my prescribed medicine, and I have also noticed a decrease in my blood pressure via my doctor (after only a week) as well as harder workouts with more stamina. Adding impact MVP to my water is indeed the truth." Stephen, California

Dr. Lawton Tang

In a world which is filled with so many genetically altered products, impact MVP brings out the best in what nature has to provide to maximizze your mental and physical capacity. Dr. Lawton Tang, Scientist – Physician

Lauren Rocha

"Desde que empecé a tomar impact MVP, he notado una diferencia en mi energía y resistencia durante todo el día, así como en mi entrenamiento. Black Water me proporciona todos los minerales, probióticos y electrolitos que necesito para rendir y recuperarme como atleta y llevar una vida saludable en general". Lauren Rocha, Culturista

Stephanie Hidalgo

"Desde que tomo impact MVP una o dos veces al día, he notado que duermo mejor y me recupero más rápido de los entrenamientos". Stephanie Hidalgo, Nutricionista y Modelo

Nate, California

"Utilizo impact MVP antes de todas mis carreras y entrenamientos. Me siento mejor que nunca y termino todas mis carreras como un campeón. impact MVP en mi agua ha cambiado mi forma de ver las cosas y con impact MVP a mi lado, realmente siento que todo es posible". Nate, California

Nicole Hellmich

Comencé a usar MVP Impact aproximadamente un año después de luchar contra la fatiga severa. Desde que tomo este producto regularmente, tengo una abundancia de energía, claridad mental y noto una mejora general en la salud y la energía. Recomendaría este producto a cualquiera que busque un régimen saludable sin el gasto y la carga de tomar un puñado de vitaminas y estimulantes energéticos adicionales. Nicole Hellmich, CA

Cindy California

“I suffer from headaches and migraines every day. I take approximately 3-6 ibuprofen every day for the pain. … I received a sample of impact MVP and as soon as a migraine was coming I immediately tried my sample and in minutes I couldn’t believe my migraine was practically gone! No pain pills, just impact MVP! I am amazed and stand behind this product so much I am telling all my friends and family about it. Thank you for helping me be pain free!” Cindy, California

Kirista Berry

"My name is Kirista and I'm momma to 2 sweet boys and am expecting my 3rd baby. I LOVE Black living powder. our whole family has been using this product for 4 months now and have noticed so many great benefits already. Ex: More energy, better digestive Health, and better immunity (especially in my kids). I was taking a Fulvic/ humid acid supplement before finding Black living powder and find this one far superior. My energy levels in this pregnancy have been great and if I run out I notice a big difference. This is a great product for the whole family, my kids love the taste and this momma loves the benefits.” Kirista Berry, Mom

Robert Oberst

"I go all over the world and come in contact with thousands of people everyday. Staying healthy is key to my success. I can't afford to get sick and miss training days. I find that with taking impact MVP I stay healthy during these travels and that alone means everything to me.” Robert Oberst, Professional Strongman

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impact MVP has positively impacted 1000's of people's lives globally...

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