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Why is it Black? Humic Mineral molecules surround the water molecules upon contact. Since Humic Minerals are black in color, the water becomes black as the binding process occurs.

What are Soil-based Probiotics? In short, high quality good bacteria formulated Organically to cultivate powerful strains of necessary bacteria designed to aid in promoting good gut health.

What is the shelf life of the concentrate? Impact MVP has a multi-year shelf life. We place a 5-year “Best When Used By” date on every bottle to comply with industry standard “best practices”.

Does the product need to be refrigerated? No. Part of our trade-secret formulation is Impact MVP is naturally shelf-stable.

What if I leave it in my car or in the heat, will it go bad or is it dangerous? The concern is, “will the bottle itself breakdown and leach into the concentrate?” The answer is an EMPHATIC NO !!! The containers used are all BPA (Bisphenol A) toxin free.

I’ve heard too much alkalinity is not good for you. Why so high? Impact MVP possesses a natural alkaline of 9+ because of the powerful combination of our ingredients. While most products must be infused in some way to manipulate elevating the alkalinity, water actually lowers the alkaline level of Impact MVP. Alkalinity puts oxygen in the body’s cells and bloodstream, only promoting better health.

Can you drink too much? Not really. Yes, life is moderation. In radically extreme conditions, maybe. If so, you might feel a little cramping (we are talking a lot of consumption though for that to occur). Following the Suggested Use guidance on the label is designed to target optimal health. If you are extremely active, it’s not a problem to up your usage. The choice is clear: It’s minerals, probiotics, vitamins, and more, added to your favorite water; the all-in-one nutrient fix your body craves….

Who can drink it? Anyone, and everyone should drink Impact MVP. Whether you are 8 days or 88 years old, all bodies need to be alkaline. All bodies require minerals and vitamins. All bodies flourish with good gut health. All bodies function better when nutritionally balanced.

What does Physician Certified, Athlete Verified, Doctor Recommended mean? Impact MVP is a Physician formulated functional beverage concentrate containing the finest ingredients maximizing on bioavailability. This translates to the ability for the human body to function as its most optimal potential. World-class athletes across the country and around the world striving for optimal results use Impact MVP as a catalyst to increase their performance during training so that during competition they know their body is functioning at peak performance. To have a doctor recommend Impact MVP as a daily regimen for optimal health is the ultimate endorsement for every person seeking to improve the health of the human condition.

Why is All-In-One advantageous? Two major reasons why Impact MVP is the obvious choice to fortify your daily nutritional demands:

  1. Price: As our economy continues with its current inflationary trends, no greater value can be placed on making each dollar stretch further. With Impact MVP, an approximate average monetary savings value to purchase one bottle of Impact MVP for one month’s supply of nutrition versus attempting to purchase each ingredient individually – one by one by one by one, etc., all the nutritional benefits supplied in one bottle of Impact MVP – the monetary savings is hundreds of dollars per month. High nutrition for your body and a healthy windfall for your pocketbook. In the end it just makes “cents.”
  2. Sensibility: Adding one dropper full of Impact MVP into a glass of water versus trying to swallow most likely, 25-50-100-200 pills per day, or mixing 20 – 30 - 40- 50 – or even possibly 60 different supplemental powders for each and every drink. What an exhausting process. The average person has neither the desire nor the time to involve such a life consuming, manually draining process. Try this: One squeeze into your water, no shaking, no baking, no ranting no raving, no foot stopping, no impatient waiting. With Impact MVP, just one squeeze and… “you-gone!”

Impact MVP

The choice for Cents and Sensibility


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